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This is my first year of teaching and thus, this is a list of some of my favorite articles I've compiled thus far.  Some of them are shared with my GRRRL TRAVELER site and thus, you may find yourself redirected at times. Be assured, all is safe! Hope you find them helpful. Enjoy!


Why I Love Teaching English to my Korean Students
The Special Ed kids in my class will surprise you.
Can you transform bad students into Good ones?

Classroom Tips:

Classroom Tip #1: Raising Stakes
Classroom Tip #2: Employ the Art of Listening
Classroom Tip #3: Having Students Grow "Smart Brains"

Teaching techniques:

'Give me More!' Technique: Part 1
'Give Me More' Technique: Using it for Multi-level Adult Students (Part II)
The Power of a Question: 4 Tricks to Creating Questions your ESL students can answer.
Raising Stakes on Learning English?
4 Tricks for Getting Slow ESL Learners to Start Learning Fast.
Why I think Speed Games are great for my slow students

Co-teaching & the ESL Classroom:

The ESL Classroom:
• 10 Surprising Facts about Korean Schools
• Video: My First Day at a Korean Elementary School

Growing Pains of Co-teaching (series):
• A Ticking Time Bomb? (Part 1)
• Top 4 rants of Native English Teachers in the Classroom (Part 2)
• Why doesn't my co-teacher listen to my ideas? (Part 3)
• When your Expat Honeymoon Fades (Pt I: hitting the 6-month mark) via Just Show Me Pictures! series (GRRRLTRAVELER)
• By the Way, You're Teaching Adult's English This Semester...
• Decoding my Korean workplace: an NET’s Class Schedules

Coping (coping tip to keep in Korea vs on the next plane home):

5 Tips for New NETs in Korea
5 Reasons to Join your Expat Community when Living Abroad
GRRRL Goes Whimpery in Her New Korean Location

Teaching Adults (Dealing with level-differentiation):

• Breaking Ice, Introductions and my first Adult English class!
• By the Way, You're Teaching Adult's English This Semester...

Cultural Clues and Tips:

Sharing your Culture (a lesson on Halloween)
Teaching Koreans: Common English Mistakes Made by Koreans

What are English Camps?

Lessons from a Superhero Factory (teaching Actions)
ESL Summer Camp: From the Monster World
Lessons from the Monster Factory (teaching Feelings)
ESL Summer Camp: from the Superhero Factory (Part II)
ESL Summer Camp Updates from the Superhero Factory (Part I)
ESL Camp is upon us!

NET News:

A Sigh of Relief & Clarifications for NETs on Korea's new Visa Extensions
The DMOE's Letter of New Visa Extension Requirements for NETs
NETs gain school holidays, not freedom from desk-warming


10 Things I've Learned About Koreans from Watching K-dramas
What is The Korean Crud?
The Korean Cold